Hirondelle Mk III

The Hirondelle Mk III boat brought more changes over the previous 2 Mk's, the main one being the keels - no more lifting dagger and rudder boards. The new fixed rudders can be seen on Double Blast, EOS and Daydreamer below. Also, the picture of Minette where fixed keels can be clearly seen. The fixed keels and rudders are also shown on Double Blast seen out of the water.

Although a greater draught made for less ability to ditch crawl as opposed to earlier marks the boat gained in strength and seemed to be much stiffer under sail. More space was also a good point, a hinged full size chart table was possible as was a better galley layout. Water tanks in the keels were possible, in fact more space in general was a direct result of not having lifting dagger and rudder boards.

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